5 Ways To Way To Maximize Your Online Training Experience

Here are some tips to get the maximum impact from NICET Online Training and Practice Exams.

1. Study Every Day

Passing the NICET exam requires preparation. Since the exam is open book, the ability to navigate the references allowed into the exam is a critical skill. Learning to use and navigate code books is a skill that is built up over time, not overnight.

2. Take the Practice Exam Multiple Times

The practice exams are intended to help you gauge your readiness for the NICET exam. Since you can access them as many times as you like while you have access to online training, we recommend that you take them multiple times. Make sure you can PASS our practice exam multiple times before you PAY to take the actual NICET exam.

3. Don’t Memorize Questions, Memorize Facts

The sample questions in the practice exams are EXAMPLES of the types of questions you will see on your NICET exam, not the actual questions you will see. While the sample questions use the SAME references as the exam, the questions on your exam will be completely DIFFERENT from the samples questions you see in practice.

Rather than trying to memorize questions, memorize FACTS. Any question you can answer without opening a book gives you more time to look up the ones you do need the book for. An additional resource for this is the NTC Red Book. Use the Reference Sections of the NTC Red Book to commit fire alarm code facts to memory

4. Look Up Every Question

While it is recommended to take the practice exams multiple times before the NICET exam, repeated exposure to the sample questions can cause your mind to become numb to the questions themselves. To avoid this, look up EVERY question in your references that you are bringing into the exam – EVEN IF YOU KNOW THE ANSWER. Looking up questions helps build your knowledge of the references and builds your speed in finding information.

5. Research The Questions You Get Wrong

The exams in your online training allow you to review the questions after you complete the exam and shows you the correct answers to questions that you got wrong. Print out the page or save it on your computer, then look up all the questions you got wrong.


NTC is here to help! If you struggle with the sample questions or the exam, please contact us.

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