A Question for Business Owners

A question from NTC’s owner, Charles Aulner:


When I started my business (on a shoestring budget) like so many business owner’s, resources were limited especially my time. Worse, I was not aware how to use the resources I had to best effect.  Reflecting on those days a question comes to mind. This question is really an important question for those who venture into the world of business ownership.


What kind of business owner are you?


There are some business owners who have big dreams. They dream of growing their business into something which provides more than just a living. They dream of building a business which is self-sustaining. They dream of building a business which operates as it is supposed to whether the owner is there or off on vacation. They dream of building a business which consistently and dependably earns a profit without fail.


There are some business owners who want their business to give them a job.  They have little interest in building a business. Their interest is in working every day as a technician and getting a paycheck at the end of the week. These business owners basically wait for jobs to fall into their lap. They have no interest in using resources for marketing, advertising and sales. They use clichés like word of mouth, and referral.  Keep in mind they put very little effort into developing “word of mouth” or “referral” leads.  They take whatever falls into their lap. During good times, they can do well. When times become more difficult, they tend to struggle.


As a business owner with big dreams, I had to figure out how to build the business which I wanted.  I found that an important piece of that puzzle was Marketing, Advertising, and Sales. These disciplines are essential to building a business that works in good times and in times which are more difficult.


In future installments we will discuss marketing, advertising and sales in greater detail. It is important for business owners to have the knowledge of how to use limited resources to greatest effect in these disciplines. Growing your company’s muscle in these disciplines is essential to sustained long term success.

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