About NTC

We are the premier provider of training to the fire alarm system and security system industry. We also offer training in other areas which include fire sprinkler systems, and the national electrical code.

What We Do

NTC is the preferred training provider for many of the most recognized companies in the fire alarm system and security system industries. Our training and publications are current and relevant for the design, installation and servicing of fire alarm, security and fire sprinkler systems.

NTC publishes some of the most widely used professional references and is the preferred training provider for many of the most recognized companies in the fire alarm and security system industry.

The NTC Way

NTC Company Culture

Our focus is to identify our clients training needs, develop solutions which meet and exceed the requirements of those needs and deliver them at a fair price. We are committed to providing high value to all of our customers. The NTC team is committed to high performance with a strong focus on meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Every member of the NTC team is valued and plays a critical role in our success. At NTC we all work hard to get the best results for our clients.

NTC Training

NTC training courses are developed from a practical applications perspective. Our training is focused on the skills needed to be successful in the low voltage industry.

NTC Training Programs

Training is one of the most powerful business drivers available to business owners. The most successful companies in our industry have a strong training focus. At NTC we have worked with many of the most successful companies to help them get that way. We can help your company be more successful by implementing a strong training focus as well.

NTC Instructors

Experience, Knowledge and Passion. These are more than just words at NTC. Our instructors are dedicated to these principles and that shows in every class we conduct. Every NTC class is evaluated by our clients and NTC staff members to ensure that we are meeting the highest standards.