C3 for Employees


NTC Core Competency Certification for Employees

Core Competency is a knowledge-based certification program. Certification is based on the knowledge an individual has, not on the years of experience. Core Competency Certification (C3) does not have any prerequisites or experience requirements.

As an employee, C3 can serve as a proof of your technical competency in different low voltage system areas.

About the Exam

Open Book Exam

You are encouraged to use any books that you prefer. Online searches for information is permitted. There are several different questions relating to products in the industry. Where a specific product is part of the question, the PDF installation manual for that product is available in the test for you to review.

Knowledge-Based Exam

The exams are not intended to evaluate a person’s ability to do field work. Certification is based on the knowledge an individual has, not the years of experience. The knowledge to successfully pass each level may have obtained by study, experience, on the job training, classes, or any number of ways.

Choosing a Level

NTC’s C3 certification exams can be taken in any order. It’s not necessary to take each level. If you have the knowledge appropriate for Level 3, you should take the Level 3 exam without needing to take Levels 1 or 2. Click here for a full description of each level to best determine where to start.

Exam Specifics

  • 50 questions each
  • 2 hour time limit to complete exam
  • Level 1 passing percentage: 70
  • Level 2 passing percentage: 74
  • Level 3 passing percentage: 78
  • Level 4 passing percentage: 82

How does it work?

Purchase the Exam

After deciding what level you can accomplish based on your low voltage knowledge, select that level and add to your cart for purchase.

Take the Exam

Once you have purchased the exam, it will be available in My Training when you are logged into the NTC website. The exam must be taken within 7 days of purchase.


Certificate is Awarded

You are awarded a certificate when you pass the certificaiton exam. The certificate will be generated automatically. You should download it or print it out. 

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