C3 for Employers

Assess Your New Hires | Certify Your Employees

NTC Core Competency Certification for Employers

Knowing where your employees and job candidates stand with their low voltage knowledge level give your company a competitive advantage. 

Build your company and teams to use each employees strengths and knowledge. 

How can you use C3 as an Employer?

New or Potential Employees

  • Quickly identify strengths and weaknesses in low voltage knowledge.
  • Learn the knowledge-level of potential employees before you hire them.
  • Identify in what capacity new employees would best benefit the company.
  • Build the strongest teams, trusting that each member fits a specific need.

Existing Employees

  • Learn if employee training is needed in specific areas.
  • Build teams where employees’ knowledge covers all working areas.
  • Display C3 Certification credentials to potential and current customers.
  • Determine advancement opportunities.

How does it work?

Purchase Exam Codes

Purchase just one exam code or as many as you need. You’ll have a year to assign the codes to employees or potential employees to use the codes and take the exams.

Assign Exam Codes

Give a code to any employee or potential employee that needs to take an exam. Assign the student a specific low voltage system and level to test into. 

Employee Takes Exam

The employee or potential employee logs into or creates a free NTC account and uses the code to “purchase” the exam level assigned. The exam is taken within 7 days of using the code.


Certificate is Awarded

The employee or potential employee is awarded a certificate when they pass the certificaiton exam. The certificate is only awarded if the test taker passes the exam. 

About the Exam

Open Book Exam

Test takers are encouraged to use any books that they prefer. Online searches for information is permitted. There are several different products by common manufacturers in the industry, and where a specific product is part of the question, the PDF installation manual for that product is available for the test taker to review. 

Knowledge-Based Exam

The exams are not intended to evaluate a person’s ability to do field work. Certification is based on the knowledge an individual has, not on the years of experience. The knowledge to successfully pass each level may have obtained by study, experience, on the job training, classes, or any number of ways. 

Choosing a Level

NTC’s C3 certification exams can be taken in any order. It’s not necessary to take each level. If a test taker demonstrates or claims knowledge appropriate for Level 3, he or she should take the Level 3 exam without needing to take Levels 1 or 2. Click here for a full description of each level to best determine where to start.

Exam Specifics

  • 50 questions each
  • 2 hour time limit to complete exam
  • Level 1 passing percentage: 70
  • Level 2 passing percentage: 74
  • Level 3 passing percentage: 78
  • Level 4 passing percentage: 82


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