Core Competency Certification

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NTC Core Competency Certification

NTC’s Core Competency Certification (C3) is an independant, knowledge-based certification program focused on the core competencies of the low voltage industry. C3 is available in the four major system categories of the low voltage industry with four levels of certification in each category. Level 1 certification is a basic certification for those with entry level knowledge, and Level 4 is an advanced certification for extensive system knowledge.

Four systems. Four levels for each system. $25 for each exam.

Start with any level, any system. It’s not necessary to go through each level consecutively to be certified at your top level.

Intrusion Systems

Certification Levels 1-4

Video Systems

Certification Levels 1-4

Fire Alarm Systems

Certification Levels 1-4

Access Control Systems

Certification Levels 1-4

For Employers

C3 Certification is one more tool in your hiring arsenal.

Use the certification exams to determine your new employees’ low voltage knowledge:

  • Quickly identify strengths and weaknesses in low voltage knowledge.
  • Learn the knowledge-level of potential employees before you hire them.
  • Identify how new employees would best benefit the company.
  • Identify training opportunities for current employees.
  • Show potential customers your employees’ certification levels.

For Individuals

You have the knowledge. Get the certification.

NTC’s C3 certifications allow you to prove to customers and potential new employers that you can talk the talk AND walk the walk:

  • No need to start at Level 1.
  • Take the highest certification exam that corresponds with your knowledge.
  • Determine if you need additional training in any low voltage area.
  • Prove your technical competency to potential employers.
  • Certify in any or all of the four systems.