Class Reviews: Fayetteville and Salt Lake City

We had classrooms full of students last week, all learning how to read and maneuver the Codes for successful NICET certification (as well as success in the field every day!)

Below are some of the reviews we received after the classes were over:

FVL Class Review 1

FVL Class Review 2

FVL Class Review 3


If you are wondering, we do also ask our students for areas we could improve our classes. We read each one and take the comments into consideration as we move forward planning future classes. More times than not, though, this is the type of comments we get:


FVL Class Review 4


We also wanted to take a moment and address another comment we receive  from time to time:

FVL Class Review 5

We would very much love to be able to provide free codes for our class participants, but unfortunately, we do not manufacture those books. We only offer them for sale as a courtesy to our students. We do recommend that each student have their own copies, though, regardless of whether they are purchased from us or not. It not only benefits each student in class, but the codes are also needed for study and for the exam.

If you need codes, we not only offer them individually, but we have a bundle of all three at a discount.


We leave you with a “wave” from our Salt Lake City students.

Salt Lake City Class

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