Core Competency

Low voltage systems designers, installers, and salespeople work on a variety of systems.  Every day brings a new challenge and a new opportunity to apply existing skills and gain new knowledge. Being well versed in multiple categories of low voltage systems gives you a distinct advantage over those who do not.

While low voltage work encompasses a variety of systems, the bulk of the work revolves around four:

  • Intrusion
  • Video
  • fire alarm
  • access control

These four system categories make up the large majority of systems work.

NTC has developed programs and certifications in these core areas that allow you to gain knowledge and to prove skills in these systems.

Core Competency Live Training

NTC’s Core Competency Live Training class is an intensive two day training class covering the core competencies of low voltage systems: intrusion, video, fire alarm, and access control.

This class will cover design and installation requirements for these systems, and students will work on sample system projects in class with the opportunity to discuss design perspectives.

Included with this class are four NTC System Handbooks (Low Voltage, Video, Fire Alarm, and Access Control) as well as 90 days access to NTC’s low voltage online training in Training Department.

Learn more about Core Comtenecy Live Training here.


Security Systems Online Training

NTC’s Security Systems Online Training is available in Training Department – our web-based training that allows you to work at your own pace. The Security Systems online training includes 32 hours of interactive, audio/video training in intrusion, video, access control, and networking. The training includes eight 1-hour sections in each category and includes a skill test at the end of the end of each section.

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Core Competency Certification

NTC’s Core Competency Certification (C3) provides a method for technicians to prove their technical skills with four different low voltage systems:

  • Intrusion
  • Video
  • Fire Alarm
  • Access Control

C3 also provides a method for employers to test the competency of current and potential technicians.  Core Competency Certification is available at four levels for each of the four systems.

Core Competency Certification is different than other certifications in the industry. The certification is a true test of technician skills with questions on general system knowledge and specific product applications. The Certification provides a true evaluation of technician skills by testing on category knowledge and requiring the technician to demonstrate the ability to apply their knowledge to specific applications.

Additionally, Core Competency Certification exams are available on-demand online anytime from any location. The test taker can test at any level in any certification and achieve certification simply by passing the exam. Once certification is achieved, additional documentation or continuing education is not required to maintain it.

When you are ready to test, get your access to C3 exams here.

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