NICET Exam Day: Allowed Reference Material

Let’s face it: people are only human and can make mistakes. The people that run the Pearson Vue testing centers are no different.

When you go to take your NICET exam, you may be nervous and a little anxious already. Having someone tell you that you are not allowed to bring in certain Reference Material can only add to that anxiety. So what should you do if you know that the materials you brought indeed are allowed?

First, take a deep breath and keep your cool. Then follow these three steps:


  1. Be prepared with a print out. Before heading to your exam, visit NICET’s website and print the page that indicates the Reference Materials allowed into the exam you are taking. You can find that information at the bottom of the pages for each exam. For example, see the Reference Materials links at the bottom of the NICET Fire Alarm exam page.
  2. Phone a friend. If the test center will not allow you to bring in references that you are allowed to bring, have them call the NICET Support Hotline to verify that the reference are allowed. All test centers have this number.
  3. As a last resort, ask for an incident report to be filed. The center should have access to the client guide as well as the NICET Support Hotline, but if you still find yourself without the necessary resources, ask them to file an incident report.


These exams and subsequent certifications are important to your job. You’ve studied and prepared, and in the case of more advanced certifications, you have years of work history as well. We want exam day to go smoothly and for you to have the resources you need to ace the exam!

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