NTC Fire Books

NTC offers four different books covering fire alarm systems. Each book has a different purpose and use.


NTC Red Book – Fire Alarm Certification Guide

The NTC Red Book is a study guide for individuals seeking NICET Fire Alarm Certification. The Red Book covers BOTH fire alarm certifications available from NICET: Fire Alarm Systems (FAS) and Inspection & Testing of Fire Alarm Systems (ITF). The Fire Alarm Systems (FAS) certification is intended for individuals involved in any and all aspects of fire alarm systems, while the Inspection & Testing of Fire Alarm Systems (ITF) certification is intended for individuals ONLY involved in inspection and testing of fire alarms (no other work).

The Red Book guides the student through the NICET certification process. It covers certification, documentation, and testing requirements for each certification. It also includes sample questions for each certification as well.


NTC Brown Book – Fire Alarm Systems Handbook

The NTC Brown Book is a fire alarm systems textbook. This hardbound desk reference covers fire alarm systems A to Z. The Brown Book is written in plain English and explains fire alarm systems and code requirements in easy to understand language. The Brown Book is loaded with pictures and illustrations to help the reader better understand codes and concepts.

The Brown Book is beneficial to individuals new to the fire alarm industry as well as highly experienced fire alarm professionals. Where the intent of the Red Book is NICET Exam preparation, the intent of the Brown Book is understanding fire alarm systems and code requirements. The Brown Book makes an excellent parallel reference for NICET exam preparation, and also make a great reference for the fire alarm design and technician.


NTC Orange Book – Fire Alarm Code Handbook

The NTC Orange Book is a quick reference guide to code requirements. This hardbound desk reference covers fire alarm requirements from NFPA 72 (National Fire Alarm & Signaling Code), NFPA 70 (National Electrical Code), NFPA 101 (Life Safety Code), and IBC (International Building Code). The Orange Book includes specific fire alarm requirements from these codes and puts them in plain English.

The Orange Book helps individuals understand the requirements they are reading in the codes. While the code requirements are written in highly technical language, the Orange Book translates this language to simple to understand and apply terms. The Orange Book index makes finding specific terms and concepts simple by identifying the page number and line number of the requirement. The Orange Book also indicates the location of the requirement in the actual code as well.

As with the Brown Book, the Orange Book makes an excellent parallel reference for NICET exam preparation. By making code requirements understandable, and quickly identifying code location of specific requirements, the Orange Book helps to make the codes simpler to navigate.


Fire Alarm Field Notes

The NTC Fire Alarm Field Notes is a pocket guide to fire alarm system requirements. This rugged, pocket sized book is intended to be a guide for fire alarm professionals working in the field. Fire Alarm Field Notes provides concise information on frequently uses topics within the fire alarm codes. The Fire Alarm Field Notes Book puts key concepts like Ohm’s Law and Voltage Drop and Battery Calculations at your fingertips. Fire Alarm Field Notes also covers key concepts for fire alarm equipment covered in NFPA 72, basic wiring requirements in NFPA 70, and basic building code requirements in the IBC.

The Fire Alarm Field Notes Book also serves as a portable study guide for NICET exam preparation. Code books and study guides are large and inconvenient to carry to a job site, but the Fire Alarm Field Notes fits into your pocket. The portability of Fire Alarm Field Notes allows for every idle moment on a job site to be used as time to study for the NICET exam.

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