NTC Purple Book

Access Control System Handbook


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This amazing reference provides the detailed technical information you need to know for access control systems.  The NTC Purple Book is designed for all industry professionals involved in Access Control Systems.  This book includes:

-Biometric technology

-Netoworking for Access Control Systems

-Means of Egress Code Requirements for Access Control

-Locking hardware selection and options

-Readers, cards and badging

-Integration with other systems

And a whole lot more!  This is “THE” reference for access control systems.  The NTC Purple Book is a great reference to find answers to those difficult access installations.  It is a great training manual for new employees.  It works very well to help sales people gain technical competence.  It really works to help technicians solve the challenges which arise during installation.

Access control systems are becoming “standard” for most commercial and industrial applications.  Building owners and designers are looking for single source providers.  The NTC Purple Book provides the bridge to meet the needs of your potential clients.

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