NICET Fire Alarm Virtual Class – PRE-REGISTRATION

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If you need to attend a NICET Fire Alarm Training Class but work is just too busy right now, pre-register for Level I or II!

You’ll receive the same books and materials that class attendees receive so that you are ready for your class. And when work is slower, call us to join any NICET Fire Alarm Virtual Class on the calendar. You can call as late as 8:30am Eastern the day of class to join, so last minute job cancellations or changes can be used to your advantage.

You Will Receive:
NTC Red Book – Fire Alarm Certification Guide (Levels 1-4)
NTC Classroom Handout
90 Days access to NICET Fire Alarm Online Training (includes study and practice exams for Level 1-4) after the class
Code Reference Tabs

NICET Fire Alarm Class participants also need NICET allowed code references to use in class. These references will change next year. We will email you the required references when NICET announces them. 

SAVE EVEN MORE: Purchase 5 or more Pre-Registrations and save an additional $100 off each registration!