National Training Conference

Join us in Vegas for 3 days of in-person training.

Interactive Virtual Training

Live, Instructor-Led, Interactive. Without leaving the house.

All NTC live courses are now Virtual. No travel or hotel costs. No leaving the house or office.

Online Training

Training on your schedule.

Choose your subject or access multiple subjects over a longer period.

In-Person Training Classes

In-person NICET Classes: Levels 1-4.

Full national schedule. Click here for details.

What is NICET?

NICET (National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies) is a part of the NSPE (National Society of Professional Engineers) that provides a path to certification for engineering technicians working engineering technology areas. The most common reason individuals seek NICET certification is a license requirement. Over 20 states require NICET certification in Fire Alarm Systems in order to perform fire alarm work. Many more cities and counties require the certification on a local basis as well.

Choose the Type of Training That Is Best For You Or Your Team.

Virtual Classroom Training

Live, interactive, instructor-led classes provide exceptional learning and career-enhancing opportunity. Presented online, there’s no travel expenses and no need to wait until we’re in a city near you! Learn NICET prep or low voltage job skills.

Online Training

The training you need, on your schedule. Our online training is focused on the subjects important to you and provide test verification of your skills. We have several options to fit your needs including specific categories only or access to our entire training library.

In-Person Training

Our in-person classes provide exceptional learning and career-enhancing opportunity. NTC classroom training is focused on current and relevant applications based content. This means you will be able to directly use your new skills in your job.

National Training Center’s Story

Founded in 2001 by Charles Aulner, in his words: It would be a great story if the start of NTC was solely based in providing the best possible training for our industry. In truth however, I started NTC because I lost my job and I needed work. I started NTC on something less than a shoestring budget.

I really developed a passion for training in the US Military. As a Captain in the Military Police Corps, I was responsible for training the soldiers under my command. Additionally, I was tasked with training all reserve units deploying to the middle east. Developing and conducting effective training was my primary focus.